Crep Protect Spray 5 Oz ONE Can Ultimate Rain Stain Resistant Shoes Barrier

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Imagine a time before Crep Protect, when you’d spill some liquid on your shoes and that might as well be the end of your fresh out of the box look.

  • The Ultimate Rain and Stain Resistant Barrier for shoes and sneakers

  • Approximately 2 weeks of protection from liquids

  • Approximately 12 shoes protected with one single can

  • Crep will repel liquids preventing stains from spoiling your footwear when used properly

  • For use on suede, nubuck, and canvas shoes.

  • Creates an invisible protective barrier

  • Repels MOST liquids

How to use Your Crep  Protection Spray:

  1. Clean your footwear before spraying to ensure a clean surface.

  2. Shake your can 2-3 seconds and hold the canister away from your shoes and spray a single layer.

  3. ****Important**** If this is your FIRST time using the spray, please apply a second coat after letting the first coat dry for ten minutes.

  4. Do NOT apply more than one coat after the first time and do NOT be too heavy with the spray since that is NOT going to help you to protect it more.

  5. Let it dry for ten 10 minutes and your shoes are protected and ready to go.  

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